Accessory parotid gland as an anatomical variation. Case report


The accessory parotid gland is a rare anatomical variation in human population (20%). This article presents a case report about the accessory parotid gland found during a dissection practice. Accessory parotid gland tumors have clinical importance for the relation with buccal nerve; also in tumor cases can be an afferent of perineural tumoral spread. This information may be important to anatomist, dentist and doctors interested in studying and exploring facial structures and tumor in oral region.


  • Guillermo Rivera Pontificia Universidad Javeriana


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, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Magíster en Ciencias Biomédicas. Profesor Instructor de Anatomía del Departamento de Ciencias Básicas.

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Rivera, G. (2017). Accessory parotid gland as an anatomical variation. Case report. Revista Estomatología, 22(1), 33 - 37.
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