If you want to register or apply to this journal to send a manuscript, please request the creation of a user as an author by sending your basic information: names, surnames, affiliation, notification email and ORCID to the contact email of Journal: andres.cruz@correounivalle.edu.co


(See Format and structure of the original manuscript)

(Ver Formato y Estructura de un artículo original)

(Olhar Formato e Estrutura de um artígo original)

The original research articles that will be published must meet the criteria of the checklists such as:

To find more checklists, you can consult the Library for Health Research Reports (EQUATOR).



Systematic Reviews must be focused on a specific and current area of ​​dentistry and meet the following requirements to be considered for publication in Revista Stomatología:

  • They must follow the PRISMA guide
  • It must be registered in PROSPERO as well as provide the registration number in the Materials and Methods section
  • The main text should be short and readable, so that someone who is not an expert in the field can understand it.


NARRATIVE REVIEW OF LITERATURE (See format and structure of a Narrative Review)

Review articles should focus on recent scientific or clinical advances in an area of ​​wide interest in dentistry. Such articles should be concise and critical, including appropriate references to the literature. All review articles are rigorously peer-reviewed before a final publication decision is made.

The authors must be researchers with experience in the topic discussed. In the case of students, they must be under the guidance of an expert researcher on the subject.


CASE REPORTS & CASE SERIES (See format and structure of a Case Series article)

Stomatology Magazine considers for publication Report or Series of Cases that show advances in surgical techniques, in digital dentistry techniques, in restorative and prosthetic techniques, in endodontic techniques, pediatric dentistry and maxillary orthopedics, orthodontic techniques and maxillofacial surgery, which contribute significantly with an improvement in clinical practice.



Submissions should be no more than 750 words, no more than 10 references, and no more than a total of 2 figures and tables (combined). If the Letter to the Editor is written in response to a Stomatology Journal article, the Editor-in-Chief may choose to invite the authors of the article to write a Letter to the Editor response. The Letter to the Editor section is not considered an appropriate place to publish new data without peer review, nor for comments made in response to previously published Correspondence. Studies with scientific merit should be considered for submission as an Original Report to an appropriate journal.

Instructions for Letter to the Editor: Letters referring to a journal article must be received within 12 weeks of the article's online publication. Limit text to 750 words or less, limit up to 10 references, no more than a total of 2 figures and tables (combined). Provide a succinctly worded title, which differs from the previously published Revista Stomatología article. Includes a title page.



Manuscripts for a thematic number. These manuscripts are requested by one of the editors.


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We recommend that you review the Author Guidelines. Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting or, if already registered, can simply log in and begin the five-step process.

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