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This descriptive, retrospective study was carried out in fue Hospital San Juan de Dios in the city of Cali. The daily record of external service of maxillofacial surgery was reviewed, quantified and c1assified according to the cases of craniofacial trauma presented between January of 1990 and January of2000. An epidemiological and statistical analysis was carried out with the Epi-Info 2000 software. One hundred and eight cases were analized, being fue most affected fue younger (15­29 years old); fue most affected individual s were male and fue most frequent fractures were located in the mandible. Traffic accidents were the more frequent cause, followed by personal aggression. It is expected that this results lead to future education and prevention in health programs directed to disminish the number of cases of maxillofacial ftactures.

Carlos Humberto Martínez , Universidad del Valle. Cali, Colombia


Elizabeth Ramírez De Vivero, Universidad del Valle. Cali, Colombia


Luz Angela Marmolejo, Universidad del Valle. Cali, Colombia.


Miguel Evelio León, Universidad del Valle. Cali, Colombia

Profesor. Escuela de Odontología.

Humberto Martínez , C., Ramírez De Vivero, E., Marmolejo, L. A., & León, M. E. (2003). Fracturas maxilofaciales atendidas en el hospital de San Juan de Dios de Cali. Revista Estomatología, 11(1).