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Focal fibrous hyperplasia (FFH) is a pathology characterized by tissue enlargement as a result of increasing the number of inflammatory cells which receive chronic mechanical stimuli of low intensity that may affect gums, lip, palate, jugal mucosa and tongue. The aim of this article is to report a case of FFH on the lateral border on both sides of the tongue associated with the use of the Hyrax appliance in a hebiatric patient, whose chief complaint was chewing discomfort. This case was successfully treated by surgical excision as well as the removal of Hyrax appliances. Follow-up care provided the recovery of the patient's quality of life. 

Orlando Cavezzi Junior, State University of Londrina, Faculty of Dentistry, Paraná, Brazil

State University of Londrina, Faculty of Dentistry, Paraná, Brazil

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Received 2022-07-25
Accepted 2023-03-06
Published 2023-01-23