Bioethics from an odontological perspective


Summary: Bioethics is the systematic and extensive study of human
behavior in the field of life and health sciences, in view of the values and moral principles.
Bioethical reflexion has a great importance in the formation of the dentist, both in the
appropriation of values and in creating consciousness on the implementation of biosafety standards.
In Colombia, in 1989 a Code of Ethics was created and ruled for dental profession by Law 35, which
established standards, principles and ethical obligations to govern the professional exercise for
dentists. In dental practice, there is a high possibility of infection because the mouth is the
normal habitat of numerous different species of microorganisms that are present when the dentists
carry out their treatments. Dentistry is not a medium, but it is a goal. This means that we help to
the realization of the other, by reestablishing a proper smile and listening and guiding our
patients. The transcendent value of the profession of dentistry is to understand that each person
has a single and particular project of life. Our responsibility is to contribute with this project
giving an adequate Oral Health Care and helping our patients to achieve a happy life. Bioethics is
useful to create consciousness that any dental practice can positively or negatively affect the
patient. Key words: Bioethics. Odontolgy. Axiollogy and values.


  • Desiree Castillo Hospital Miguel Malpica-Guacara. Edo. Carabobo-Venezuela.
  • Amarilis Guerra Universidad de Carabobo, Venezuela


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Author Biographies

, Hospital Miguel Malpica-Guacara. Edo. Carabobo-Venezuela.

Odontóloga pasante del Hospital Miguel Malpica-Guacara.

, Universidad de Carabobo, Venezuela

Doctora en Enfermería Profesora Titular. Coordinadora del Programa de Doctorado en Enfermería.


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