Osteonecrosis of the jaw associated to biphosponates in Cali-Colombia


Background: After more than 15 years of the first report of osteonecrosis associated with bisphosphonate (BP), still cases related to BP and other medications continue to be reported and there is an alert about the increase in the number of prescriptions. The need for both patients and students and health professionals to be familiar with medications, pathology, prevention and treatment measures has been highlighted.

Aim: To characterize patients with osteonecrosis in the maxilla associated to bisphosphonate (BRONJ), from Cali, Colombia.

Materials and Methods: A structured survey was conducted of 32 maxillofacial surgeons from the city of Cali, Colombia, where different topics related to affected patients and the development of the pathology such as age and gender of patients, type of medication, time of study were asked. administration, exposed bone, etc.

Results: Thirty-two maxillofacial surgeons answered the survey with a total of 8 cases, it was found that 6 corresponded to women and 2 to men and the age was over 44 years; 4 of the treatments were oral prescription and 4 intravenous; the majority of cases were presented in the jaw (88%) and 6 cases (75%) presented bone exposure.

Conclusions: Osteonecrosis associated with bisphosphonates is a situation that still occurs and could increase its incidence due to the increase in the number of prescriptions for osteoporosis medications, it is necessary that the patient community and health staff know More about this situation.



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