Altering Vertical Dimension: A Literature Review


The alteration of the vertical dimension it’s been a controversial issue for more than 50 years, today is not known an exact protocol to determine what is the right vertical dimension for each person and the appropriate variation to which you can submit a patient without causing any type of joint, muscle, functional or aesthetic alteration.

In this review, we show the different concepts and criteria that must be taken into account in order to carry out successful treatments, whether in dentate, partially edentulous or totally edentulous patients to determine a vertical dimension that adapts to each patient through parameters such as facial aesthetics, health of the temporomandibular joint, occlusion and phonetics.


  • Maria Alejandra Barragan Paredes Universidad del Valle
  • Carlos Alberto Viveros
  • Herney Garzón


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Barragan Paredes, M. A., Viveros, C. A., & Garzón, H. (2020). Altering Vertical Dimension: A Literature Review. Revista Estomatología, 27(2), 27 - 37.
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